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Den Bake Shop is a London-based, online cake studio run by me, Maxine. I create luxury, custom-designed celebration cakes for discerning flavour lovers, including buttercream + ganache wedding cakes and sweet canapés that combine the traditional and the less common for award-winning flavour.


My designs suit an eclectic range of styles, from subtle, accented pieces to dynamic explosions of colour and fun. I believe in a proper slice of cake - something you can enjoy from start to finish without it becoming too rich or saccharine - and you'll find Den Bake Shop cakes tend towards a semi-sweet taste.


Sustainability and quality are also important to me - my bakes use responsibly sourced chocolate and cocoa, organic flour, unrefined caster sugar and free range eggs. I always encourage my clients to serve their wedding bakes as dessert or in the early evening to reduce waste, and nearly all our packaging is recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.


Looking forward to making you something delicious soon!

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