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Den + the myBaker community

When I started taking this sweet stuff seriously, I got nervous enough designing and delivering cakes to my loved ones, despite knowing they would probably just be grateful for the mates' rates showstoppers I was testing on them. It's always a lovely moment when someone tells you they appreciate your work, and when it comes from a complete stranger? Well, you know they're not just saying it to be nice. So when the myBaker team told me I'd made the grade to become part of their network, I was a very happy mama indeed.

Launched in July 2016, myBaker has been billed as the JustEat for cake: an online baking concierge that brings the skill, quality and range of independent bakeries and homebakers to you via a handy app. Say what you want, give your budget, and within 12 hours myBaker will send you competing pitches from artisan bakers, vying for your custom. It brings me great joy that startups like myBaker and CakeDrop - both led by women, I might add - are providing a gateway for small batch bakers like me to mix it with the likes of Hummingbird and Primrose Bakery. #AwesomeWomen for the win!

Here's a myBaker blog post featuring one of my custom bakes with an unusual flavour combo. Order your Den custom bakes here.

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