Abstract (from £60)
Boho (from £65)
Epic sprinkles (from £60)
Hightower (from £65)
Meringue pops (from £65)
Metallic textures (from £70)
Teatime (from £40)
Watercolour (from £60)
Hero bolt theme (from £65)
Pirate theme (from £65)
Under the sea (from £65)

Delivered to your door

If you'd like a courier quote alongside your order, just say the word. All Den bakes are also available for collection from Den HQ in NW London.

Visit the Ordering information page for more details or just get in touch.

Need a message?

Up to 30 characters can be written on the cake for free or on a chocolate message plate for £2.

Big is beautiful

Custom cakes are four layers of joy as standard. That's about 7 inches tall, in case you're wondering.

Inspiration pics welcome

I won't make a copy of another cake, but I love to hear your design ideas. The best inspiration is not another designer's cake pic - just let me know if you have a particular look in mind.

contact us

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Enjoy responsibly

Recycle our cake boxes and compost eco straws + bags, ok? Thanks!

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