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Congratulations, you're getting HITCHED! You'll get around to the vows, outfits and witnesses soon enough, but first...cake. Can't agree on flavours? That's why these cakes have TIERS, my friend. Prefer to have cake AND meringues AND brownies and all that good stuff? Let's sort you out with some cake canapés, then. You want to go double height with a tower of cake? Let's do it.


We can create something delightful for most guest list sizes - for micro weddings, single tier wedding cakes start at just £150, and cake canapé packages begin from £250. Get started with some basic information for an initial quote. Buy a postal cake box, decide on your favourites and we'll get on with working up a wedding bake perfectly tailored to your style and tastebuds. And of course, let me know if you're after some edible wedding favours - macarons make such pretty and delicious little giveaways, don't they?

Request your free initial consultation here, check out the FAQs below,

or just email to get the conversation started.



"Your cake was out of this world glorious!!!!!! And my goodness how good did it taste, everyone absolutely loved scoffing!!"

— Jazz + Greg

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Image copyright Helen Lisk Photography


Q: Do you have a brochure?

A: Sure! This short video is the condensed version of all my wedding cake info. 









Q: How long before our wedding do we need to book our cake?

A: Booking in early gives you the best chance of securing Den Bake Shop for your chosen date(s), which we can do about 2 years in advance. I would say that 8 months to 1 year's lead time is ideal. And if you're in a last minute hellscape trying to sort out cake for your London wedding, get in touch - if I can fit you in, I will.

Q: Our wedding isn't in London. Can we still book in with you?

A: I hope so! I deliver my wares personally, and cover about a 60 mile radius from Harlesden, NW London, by car. That covers anywhere in London, of course, but also takes in a good deal of Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex. Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. Deliveries are costed for the drive to and from your venue at £2 /mile for my car, and £13.15/hour for my time (in line with the London Living Wage). 

Q: What happens after we complete our enquiry form?

A: If I have availability for your chosen date(s) and I have enough information from you, I can give you an initial estimated price range for your cake within 72 hours. If  you'd like to continue the conversation, you'll receive a request via email to set up a 30 minute Zoom/WhatsApp call. I can give you detailed quotes based on real design ideas following our call.

Q: How do you work out the quotes you provide?

A: Each quote is based on the number of people you'd like to cater for, whether you're serving cake as dessert and what's required to produce the final masterpiece. You can read more of a deep dive on what makes up those production costs in this blog post. For cakes, elements to factor into the quote include the size, flavours and architecture of your cake, and the complexity of the design. For cake canapés, the range and number of items you'd like to provide for each guest - 4, 5 or 6 items per person - also matter. I don't go in for haggling on prices, but if you've given me a realistic, specific budget, I'll always do my best to include an option for that price.

Q: What's the process for designing each cake?

A: During your half hour Zoom/WhatsApp consultation, I'll ask you a bunch of questions. Don't worry if you're just getting started on your wedding planning and haven't got a clue about cake yet - I'm really looking to get a rough idea of who you both are, what makes you tick, any definite no nos and the general vibes you're thinking about for your wedding day. If you can both be on the call, please do - a surprisingly high percentage of people who've previously said they didn't mind letting their beloved take charge of the cake have also turned out to be the partner with the strongest opinions! - but just one of you works for just as well for me.

I also take inspiration from any theme, colour scheme and ideas you share with me, and you'll find those reflected in each cake design. I create two illustrated cake designs and quotes based on all the information I've gathered, then share both with you via email as soon as they're ready.


Q: Can we sample some flavours before we decide?

A: Of course! Isn't half the point of the wedding planning getting to eat cake?! If I didn't get to ply you with goodies at a wedding show, I make Flavours Boxes and Grab Boxes available to purchase several times each year, packing in a range of Den Bake Shop flavours to be delivered to you by post. I don't offer bespoke flavours - each flavour combination has been painstakingly developed and tested to ensure they're at the top of their game, which isn't a process I believe in rushing for a wedding. 


Q: Ok, we're in - we want to book with Den Bake Shop! Now what?

A: Excellent news! We settle on your final design and flavours, and I take a 50% deposit to confirm the booking in my diary. We iron out any remaining details you need to share with me, then - unless you say differently - I'll coordinate everything else with your wedding planner or directly with the liaison at your chosen venue. You settle up your remaining balance up to 14 days before THE day, and I'll drop you a line when your cakes are going in the oven. Easy.

Q: If we want flowers, can we use our own florist?

A: Absolutely, and I'd heartily recommend it. If you want either non-toxic fresh or dried florals on your cake, most wedding florists will be happy to sort out some additional blooms as part of your order. They are also more likely to get you a better deal on your flowers than I can, hopefully sourcing them at wholesale prices. I will happily dress your flowers and add them to your cake as part of my onsite setup. 

Q: Can we hire a cake stand from you?

A: Yes, you can. I have several styles to choose from and charge £50 for cake stand rental, plus a £50 returnable deposit which is fully refunded once the stand is returned to me in good order by courier.

If your question isn't answered above, don't worry - just ask me when we speak. 


Wedding FAQs
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