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Nice package, mate

Den Bake Shop eco friendly packaging

I know, I know - not exactly the sexiest subject for a post, but I think we can all concede that it's an important topic. It's been the hottest decade on record resulting in some of the largest wildfires ever recorded in the US, a series of devastating fires in Australia, and not nearly enough ice staying solid in the Arctic. We've all seen firsthand the increase in flooding and unseasonably warm/cold weather right here in the UK. Anything each of us can do to reduce our negative environmental impact is pretty much a moral imperative at this point.

For Den Bake Shop, that means being as non-harmful as possible. I've switched to compostable piping bags, and I trim cakes as little as possible to avoid creating wasted cake scraps. My cake samples, slabs and mini cakes are packaged in compostable plant-based wrap. I've been a No Issue client for some years now, sourcing compostable and biodegradable branded tissue paper, brand stickers and mailers from there. All our postal boxes and void fillers are recyclable, as is the paper washi and parcel tape securing them. Each tall cake uses BoxSecure cake boxes, made from recyclable cardboard, and I use bamboo or wooden dowelling in cakes that need stacking.

I'll continue to look out for ways to bring down my environmental footprint, but I'm pretty proud of the progress I've made so far. Onward.


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