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Flavours for this season's box will be updated in January 2024.



Please check box listing against allergen info below 


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The Flavours Box

Expected to ship in March 2024
  • Banana Chip: gluten, soya, sulphites (plant-based)

    Carrot: eggs, dairy, sulphites

    Carrot Chilli: gluten, eggs, dairy, soya, sulphites, nuts

    Chocolate Salted Caramel: gluten, eggs, dairy, sulphites

    Coconut Lime: gluten, eggs, dairy, sulphites 

    Drunken Carrot: gluten, eggs, dairy, soya, sulphites

    Ginger Apples 'n Pears: gluten, eggs, dairy, soya, nuts

    Lemon Poppyseed: eggs, dairy, sulphites

    Original Nutter: gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts, soya

    Pistachio Almond Mango: gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts, sulphites

    Vanilla Ripple: gluten, eggs, dairy


    Unsuitable for those with nut allergies

    Drunken Carrot contains alcohol

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