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When And So To Style came to tea

Over the last decade, my day jobs have involved working behind the scenes to tell a story, being the personality behind a corporate social media channel and ghostwriting speeches and articles that no one will ever attribute to me. I am perfectly comfortable with that arrangement - the only place that I have ever been completely relaxed in the spotlight is on the dancefloor.

You know, that place I used to frequent before my children stormed in and destroyed any last vestiges of late night partying life for the foreseeable future.


I digress.

My point is simply that I'm not used to people talking to me with an interest in what I'm doing, me, versus whoever I work for. When my former colleague Beth - whose international running adventures I'd been marvelling at via Instagram - asked me if she could interview me for a piece she was writing, I almost wanted to ask, "What on earth for?" Then I remembered that the last time we'd seen each other, I'd been lumbering off to have a baby, thinking I'd be returning to the big corporate machine we both served. And I found out that since then, she'd set off to run up mountains halfway across the globe before deciding to become a journalist, while I'd been here setting up this baking business. One or two things to catch up on, then.

It remains intensely surreal to me that someone would take the time to write about me. But write about me Beth did, and boy, was this a glorious write up for Den Bake Shop. What a fabulous way to kick off 2018!

Check out Beth's piece on Den Bake Shop for the fantastic style blog And So To Style, part of the And So To Wed family.

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