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The joy of the Un-Wedding Show

On the morning of the Un-Wedding Show, the skies unleashed the kind of rain that really makes it clear why folks used to believe the gods were angry. After a soggy unloading, double parked on a tiny downtown Brighton street, I got set up at the Fabrica art gallery. It was an oasis of calm and colour, fantastically styled and organised by New Romantics Productions, standing in for Michelle, founder of Un-Wedding. The Un-Wedding Show does what it says on the tin, providing a showcase of alternative and non-traditional options for couples looking to do things a bit differently on their special day. I was so pleased to be there, and delighted to be the featured cake artist on the New Romantics' installation. The New Romantics are Gabrielle and Shannon, a couple both in love and in business, and their vibe was one of chill, inclusion and fun throughout the day. Couples met a curated, diverse crew of experts, from jewellers to photographers, celebrants to wedding planners, cool prop hire and venue stylists, and of course me, the only cake designer on the day.

For the New Romantics stand, I created a lime and hot pink design with edible gold leaf detailing, as pictured. Visitors to my stand were plied with as much as they wanted from my spread of cake canapés, featuring almond flake studded brownies, meringue kisses and two-bite sized Jamaican Rum, Lemon Poppyseed, Banana Chip (plant-based), and Pistachio Almond Mango cakes. I've said it before, but there's nothing better for a cake maker than witnessing people's joyful reactions to something you've poured your heart into. And there was a whole lot of joy to witness!

If you're looking for something a bit off the beaten path for your wedding day, I can strongly recommend a visit to one of the various Un-Wedding show locations on offer each year.

Check out the website for more info and find out where I'll be popping up next by subscribing to my mailing list.


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