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Talking LBAR on the telly

Yeah, so that was surreal. Me, on Sky Breakfast News, bigging up our biggest ever London Bakers Against Racism sale, first thing on a Saturday morning, Being alert enough to be live on air with the legend that is news presenter Gillian Joseph, and trying desperately to slow my racing heart down enough to focus on answering the damn question. And I wasn't too shabby. Well done, me.

I've posted a recording of it here, and if you go by the lovely comments we got about it on Insta at the time, you'd think it was a perfectly chilled, innocuous piece about a bunch of bakers getting together to raise money for The Black Curriculum. It was a very light touch piece, just 5 minutes on what we're doing, why, why it's important, and how to get involved. Harmless, right?

But if you are up to it - and maybe because it's me talking, I'm not really - have a look at the comments section below the video from when Sky News posted in on their Facebook page. Look at how unhappy people are about being assaulted by anti-racism first thing in the morning. This single interview was also enough to garner us a mention on a fully fledged racist website, which I will not name as I refuse to give them the SEO. The level of outrage is helpful to bear in mind the next time you hear someone claim that racism isn't a problem in Britain like it is in the US.

And however tired people think they are of hearing about racism, I guarantee you they're nowhere near as tired as those of us at the sharp end of it.


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