Festive goodies

Den after-dinner grab box

Been asked to bring dessert? Bring this. This £50 bumper box of goodies contains:

1 x 5" Den Christmas Cake

4 x Drunken Carrot squares

4 x Salted Caramel Almond brownies

4 x Lemon Poppyseed squares

12 assorted meringue kisses (raspberry, chocolate, coconut)

Honeycomb shards bundle

Serves min. 12 people


Drunken Carrot: gluten, eggs, dairy

Salted Caramel Almond brownies: gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts

Lemon Poppyseed: gluten, eggs, dairy

Den Christmas Cake: gluten, eggs, dairy

Honeycomb: gluten, egg and dairy free - suitable for vegans

Meringues: egg whites - gluten free

Den Christmas Cake and Drunken Carrot contain alcohol

Den Christmas Cake

The ideal Christmas cake for people that don't really like Christmas cake, Den Bake Shop's take on a traditional Jamaican Christmas cake gives you all the spiced rum goodness without any of the stodgy pudding vibe. This light sponge is not only rum soaked, but is made with a paste of raisins that have been soaking in Appleton rum since November 2017. They are very, very drunk by now.

NB: This is a deep, single layer cake, served with an Appleton-infused dark chocolate ganache top and without filling.

Allergens: gluten, eggs, dairy

Contains alcohol

Bijou (10 -12 slices): £35

Regular (15-18 slices): £42

Large (20-25 slices): £56

Drunken Carrot

Den's signature melt-in-the-mouth carrot cake, dosed with several healthy slugs of Appleton rum syrup, then filled and semi-frosted with maple syrup buttercream.

Decorated with maple syrup buttercream, crushed walnuts and lightly toasted coconut flakes.

NB: This is a three-layer, semi-naked cake. 


Allergens: gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts

Contains alcohol

Bijou (12-15 slices): £39

Regular (18-20 slices): £45

Large (25-30 slices): £60

Den truffles

Hand-rolled, indulgent chocolate truffles, available to order in boxes of 12 or 18. Each box comes with an assortment of hazelnut, almond and pistachio flavours.

Allergens: nuts, dairy

Den assorted truffle boxes:

Box of 12: £15

Box of 18: £20

All Den truffles are made with good quality chocolate with 70% cocoa solids, double cream, cocoa powder and edible gold dust.

Almond truffles also contain a whole raw almond and chopped roasted almonds.

Hazelnut truffles also contain a whole raw hazelnut and chopped roasted hazelnuts.

Pistachio truffles also contain a whole pistachio kernel and chopped roasted pistachios. 

NB: Den truffles are not suitable for those with a nut allergy.

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